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Cato Board Videos

These videos are meant to show drills that YOU can do with YOUR dog, using Cato Boards, in almost any environment - parks, back yards, empty lots, etc. All of the drills are conducted in a small space, so they're drills everyone can do. Be sure to contact us if there are specific drills you'd like to see, or if you have any questions!


Basic motion between Cato Boards with a young dog. This drill is for dogs just learning to move from one Cato Board to the next, and will lead toward more advanced drills later on.


Triangle Drill - this drill is great for improving your communication with your dog, and is the next step from the basic quartering drill. 

 The Draw Whistle - this drill is how I teach what I call the "draw whistle" - it's a great command upland hunting to help you keep better control of your dog while not confusing them with the recall whistle. 


Schutzhund - an awesome video sent in by a customer showing how Cato Boards can be used for training protection dogs!