Cato Platform Dog Training Videos

We have partnered with well-known trainer Sara Brueske of ZoomDog™ 

These videos will help YOU be successful developing YOUR dog into a pet you can be proud of. These are high-quality videos that we are offering for FREE because we want you to have the best experience possible with your Cato platforms! Be sure to book-mark this page as well will be adding more videos in the future!


Video - Introducing your dog to the Cato Board

Video - Teaching your dog the HEEL position using Cato Boards (Part 1)

Video – Teaching your dog the HEEL position using Cato Boards (Part 2)

Video – Teaching STAY using Cato Boards

Video – Teaching a reliable RECALL using Cato Boards

Video – Group Classes using Cato Boards (Must-watch if you’re a professional trainer!)

Video - Teaching your dog to FETCH using Cato Boards (no more playing keep-away!)

Stacey Manzo, CPDT-KA, CPCFT has created some great Canine Fitness Videos.

You can find all of them HERE.

Looking for hunting – dog specific videos using Cato Boards?

Check out THIS page.

We also have THIS awesome video showing Cato Boards being used for IGP training.

Here is the intro to Cato Boards video, but be sure to follow the links to see the rest of the videos!


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