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Canine Fitness Training Videos with Cato Platforms

Stacey Manzo, CPDT-KA, CPCFT from has graciously recorded some videos showing how to use Cato Platforms (Sometimes Cato Planks, sometimes Cato Boards, sometimes both) for canine fitness training. Strength specific muscles and increase flexibility using some of the techniques int the videos below!


Foldback Down to a Stand - This is a great exercise for older dogs to keep their hips strong and stable. 


Warm-up Exercises - Stacey shows how to get your dog comfortable going forward and backward onto a Cato platform. This is great way to not only warm up your dog's muscles, but also to prepare it to learn more advanced skills later on. 


Iliopsoas Stretch - Another great exercise, this one is designed to stretch out the Iliopsoas muscle to prevent injury. 


Lateral Shoulder Exercises - Exercises to increase side-to-side motion and strength in the shoulders.


Two Bowl Game - Keep your dog moving, and add obstacles to include different muscles. 


One Paw Lift - isolate and strengthen each shoulder using this technique. 


Bunny Hops - Use this exercise to strengthen your dogs core muscles.