* Question: How much weight can a Cato Board hold?

  Answer: They will hold a 200 LB human with minimal flexing. Easily strong enough for the largest dog. 

Dog sitting on dog training platform

* Question: Why is the Cato Board rectangular in shape?

 Answer: To aid in controlling the direction in which a dog faces while it is sitting on a Cato Board.

Question: Why is the Cato Board 3.5" high?

 Answer: Elevation is very important for training for two reasons: 1) It is much easier for a dog to see the Cato Board if you are using it outside and 2) Because of the elevation, if a dog steps off of the Cato Board with even one foot, there is no doubt that they know they are no longer on the Cato Board. The elevation eliminates confusion. 

Question: Which surface should I get?  

Answer:  Check out this page for our thoughts on the matter. 



* Question: Once a dog is full-grown and has been trained using Cato Boards, are the Cato Boards still necessary?

 Answer: We recommend using Cato  Boards throughout the life of the dog. Even after it fully understands the concepts, it is still important to periodically give refreshers, and also reaffirm that your pet is working with you. 

* Question: At what age is is recommended to start using the Cato Board with my pet?

 Answer: We recommend starting almost immediately - even an 8 week old puppy can start to understand the concept of the Cato Board being a place for work and reward (although initially it is almost exclusively a place of reward). 

Question: Can I just use my pet's bed instead of a Cato Board?

 Answer: We strongly recommend against this. Your pet should see their bed as a place to go to relax and tune out the world. The Cato Board is place a place of work/reward, and we want our pets to understand the difference. Using a pet bed for work and for play is very confusing to a dog.  

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