Cato Platform Surface Options

Wondering if you should get the rubber surface or the turf surface? Here are our thoughts on the topic. 

Reasons to buy RUBBER:

Rubber is easier to keep clean, it looks nicer (in our opinion), has excellent traction, and is slightly more durable than turf. 

Reasons NOT to buy RUBBER:

It absorbs heat, and if left in direct sunlight on a warm day, it might get too hot for your dog. This is avoidable by keeping it in the shade, flipping it over when not in use, or dousing with cold water. 

Reasons to buy TURF:

Our turf has a light colored backing on it, so it does a much better job than the rubber of staying cool in direct sunlight. It can still get hot eventually, but it will take a lot longer. Some trainers also prefer their dog to feel turn under their feet when they're on a platform. 

Reasons NOT to buy TURF:

The turf will collect hair and dirt much more easily than the rubber surface (especially if you have a long-haired dog). It also doesn't have quite as good of traction as the rubber, and isn't quite as durable. 


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