Cato Board Videos for hunting and SAR

These videos are meant to show drills that YOU can do with YOUR dog, using Cato Boards, in almost any environment - parks, back yards, empty lots, etc. All of the drills are conducted in a small space, so they're drills everyone can do. 


Steadiness is a foundational skill for almost any hunting dog, so it's a great place to start. This video is a bit long, but we think you'll find it helpful for teaching your dog to WAIT. 

Basic motion between Cato Boards with a young dog. This drill is for dogs just learning to move from one Cato Board to the next, and will lead toward more advanced drills later on.


Triangle Drill - this drill is great for improving your communication with your dog, and is the next step from the basic quartering drill. 

 The Draw Whistle - this drill is how I teach what I call the "draw whistle" - it's a great command upland hunting to help you keep better control of your dog while not confusing them with the recall whistle. 



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