Choosing Cato Board Colors

We frequently get asked which color of Cato Board makes the most sense to purchase. While color choice is largely a matter of preference, there are some factors that you should consider when making your purchase. Here are our thoughts on Cato Board colors:

What color does your dog see best? If you're sending your dog out to a Cato Board that's at a distance, you may want a highly visible color that your dog will easily spot. We think blue, purple, and white work well for this (keep in mind we may offer other colors in the future that would make this list, but at the time of this writing those are the three that come to mind). If most of your training is in close and having a highly-visible Cato Board isn't important, you may decide that a different color is a better fit for you. Brown blends in well both in a home and in the field.

Also keep in mind that while white is highly-visible to your dog in most conditions, if you live in a cold climate and get snow, it may become much harder to see if you're using it outside! White is also harder to keep looking clean if you're using it outside.  The darker colors will stay cleaner-looking longer, especially if you're doing a lot of outdoor training. On the other hand, if you're in a very hot climate, white will stay the coolest of all the colors. 

Good luck making your choice, and whatever color you go with, we know you'll love it!

Stack of dog training platforms in a variety of colors




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